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Your Little Enhancement
Yearly Plan 

My name is Astra and I am an Independent Registered Nurse Prescriber specialising in Aesthetics Medicine and Clinic Owner.  As an Aesthetic Nurse I think it is important to share with my patients my experiences.   So  I would like to share with you my story, this is my before and after photo, please read on for my journey and how I can help you with your own journey.  

My "Little Enhancement"

In my 9 years of being an Aesthetic Nurse I have learnt that looking the best version of me has taken time and a multi treatment approach.  I remember having a milestone birthday approaching, looking in the mirror and one day noticing my skin looked dull, my make up didn’t sit well and I was noticing lines that literally seemed to appear over night.  I had also noticed my mouth was down turned, I had jowls and I constantly looked sad. 

At the time I was also juggling working as a Nurse in the NHS and running my aesthetics business as well as being a mum.  Every day I would help women become more confident in their appearance, but the truth was I had very little confidence in my own appearance, and I just didn’t seem to have the time or energy to do anything about it. The turning point for me was when I was filling my car up at a petrol station one day and a guy shouted, “smile love it might never happen”. 

At that time I was actually happy as I was on my way to a weekend spa break with the girls.  When I got back, I decided to spend some time investing in my own face and making time for me in my diary.  I would commit to one regular treatment with a massive focus on my skin health.  This is now where my treatment phrase come from “your skin is the canvas and the injectables are the paint”. 

After studying lots and seeing many results over the years, the best ones are always women who look after their skin with the right products and treatments.  So we have a good canvas then whatever high quality injectables we use on healthy skin, you get a far better result.  I now talk about this during all my consultations and ensure everyone is started on medical grade skin products and regular in clinic skin treatments.  Then when we have achieved better skin health, we can incorporate injectables.

Based on my journey and the treatments I have regularly I have now come up with a yearly plan that can be spread into monthly instalments.

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"Your Little Enhancement"
Yearly Plan - Start Your Journey Today 

I have 4 sessions of anti-ageing injections per year, to soften my static lines (the lines that are visible at rest) in my case my frown lines predominantly.  I also on occasion have a little in my chin to relax it, as I suffer from a pronounced overbite which over the years has caused the muscles in my chin to weaken and has caused a pebbled appearance.  I also have a little above my top lip to prevent and soften peri oral lines (commonly referred to as smokers lines, yet all women get these, whether they have smoked or not – this is due to oestrogen deficiency which plays havoc with our collagen levels particularly around the mouth).

I am religious with my skincare routine.  I use Obagi medical products, which are honestly like no other skin care products I have ever used.  Before I was a Nurse I worked in Debenhams on the skin and beauty counters for some luxury brands.  It is only now I have become an Aesthetic Nurse I realise none of their products actually work and it’s all a bit of a con.  All fancy names and packaging really does mean nothing.  Medical grade skin care works from the deeper layers so from the inside up.  Shop bought skincare cannot target the deeper layers so it just sits on the surface, often actually causing harm.  

I have regular in clinic facial treatments which I alternate.  I have superficial Obagi Blue Radiance Peels, which have no real downtime, these brighten my complexion and reduce pore size as well as treating sun damage e.g. pigmentation which I’ve acquired over the years, as let’s be honest, everyone wanted a tan in the 80s and 90s. 

I have regular Envy Diamond Glow Facials, these are one of my favourite treatments.  I noticed as I was getting older my face seemed puffier (see image).  This is because as we age our lymphatic nodes in our face become compromised, and we start to hold water in our tissues.  The Envy Diamond Glow Facial drains that fluid away and kick starts your lymphatics to start working again.  In turn my face looks tighter and slimmer.  The Envy Diamond Glow Facial exfoliates dead skin cells, removes impurities that our skin becomes congested with due to internal factors e.g., hormones and external factors such as pollution and our environment. This facial also infuses bespoke vitamin serums (chosen specific to your skin type) into your skin at a deep level.



To keep an eye on my skin and keep me compliant I have regular in clinic skin scans with our Observ which shows all the layers of your skin, it’s so clever.


I have Profhilo 4 times per year. Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser, hailed as “honey for the skin”, it really is.  This gives me the ultimate glow, I look super hydrated and it gives me a slight lift all over.  Oh.... the comments I get When I’ve just had this!


Finally I have around 3 syringes of filler a year.  I have my lips treated my midface and lower face.  I just have little bits where I have volume loss. 


Get started

So that’s me now how about you?  If you would like to start Your Little Enhancement, contact the clinic today for a consultation.


You can spread the costs over 12 months  with our direct debit option and have the benefit of regular treatments following your bespoke plan.

Whats included?

7 Full size Obagi skin care products - to suit your individual needs 

4 treatments of Botox (3 areas) - Once very 3 months 

4 treatments of Profhilo - Once every 3 months

3 ml of Facial filler 

Complimentary full initial skin analysis and consultation 

Complimentary Envy Facial - 3 treatments 

Complimentary Blue Radiance peel facial - 3 treatments 

Complimentary Dermalux - 6 treatments 

Complimentary Skin Scan, 3 sessions - to check the progress of your treatments 


These treatments are spread out over the year for optimum and continued results, it also means you get to come to clinic once a month for a treat.  


If you were paying for all of the above this would come to a total of £4042 BUT we have given you £690 worth of free treats (listed above as complimentary).  Further more, to make this plan more affordable we can spread the cost for you with a direct debit plan.

Pay £650 deposit initially and then just £225.17 per month there after.  As an added extra while you are on the payment plan, any further treatments you decide to go ahead with you will receive a 10% discount.  

More Transformations 

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