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Microneedling with Meso Therapy Infusion

We offer Microneedling treatment with Meso Therapy, this is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.  We use a small device containing a serum specific for your needs.  Mesotherapy is a technique that uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of the skin.   

The microneedling combined with mesotherapy can have some amazing results covering a wide range of concerns.  

The microneedles creates small superficial incisions (pin pricks) to the skin, your body immediately sends fibroblast to heal the area promoting collagen reproduction and creating tighter, plumper, firmer looking healthy skin.  Combined with the mesotherapy we are able to treat a wide range of concerns:


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Create tighter firmer skin

Reduce the appearance of pigmentation

Uneven skin tone

Reduce the appearance of scars/ acne scarring 

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Treat hair loss

Treat Acne 

We can also combine other medical solutions with serums used for mesotherapy.  This helps control sebum production that causes acne bacteria on the skin, treating active acne.  

It creates a glassy appearance to the skin surface.


This is a 30 minute facial, to make it a more luxurious facial, when booking please also select an "add on" - Choose from added Dermaplaning (£25) or a Goo Mask with an Indian Head Massage (£35).  If you're want an extra special treat why not add both!


Microneedling with mesotherapy with a skin therapist £160

Including medical solutions with a Nurse £230

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