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Before we begin with any treatment we offer a face to face consultation, to ensure the treated areas are fully assessed, enabling us to design a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs. Please look at our booking page for more information (here).

Our prices are based per area and we offer different pricing options for each, to suit all budgets.  Please see below for more information.

Bespoke multi area packages to be confirmed at consultation.

We now offer finance options.  Please click the "finance Options" button below for more information.


Deposits are required for all treatments. All deposits are £30 and are redeemable against the price of your treatment.  Please click the "More" button for further information.



We only use fillers from the Juvederm Ultra and the new Juvederm Vycross range (the latest development in dermal fillers).


£140 -0.5ml Juvederm Smile

£160 - 0.5ml Juvederm Volift

£240-1ml Juverderm Ultra 3

£260-1ml Juvederm Volift

£260-1ml Juvederm Volbella

£280 1.1ml Juvederm - Our Signature Pout.

£330 - £380 – Smokers lines and lip boarder definition.


Juvederm Smile – This product is part of the original Juvederm Ultra range.  Smile is suited for most budgets, whilst still maintaining a natural subtle look that is expected of all Juvederm products.  Results can last for up to 12 months.

Juvederm Volift – This product is part of the newest premium Juvederm Vycross range.  Volift is best used for adding definition to the lip and creating a “beesting  pout”.  Results can last for up to 18 months.

Juvederm Volbella – This product is also part of the newest premium Juvederm Vycross range.  Volbella is best used for creating  a plumper,  smoother lip.  Results can last for up to 18 months.

Line Smoothing Injections (BOTOX®)

Botulinium Toxin used to smooth lines across and around the forehead area.
£160 - 1 area
£210 - 2 areas
£250 - 3 areas

Non-Surgical Face Lift Options

£260 Marionette lines - Smooth the lines that appear from the corners of your mouth down to your jaw line. 

£380 - £450 Cheeks - Using filler to the cheek bone area can be used as a solution to treat various areas of the face.  Adding filler to the cheek bone area lifts the skin on the lower face, not only adding definition but creating a slimming effect and smoothing the nasolabial lines (nose to mouth) and marionette lines (see above).

£400 - £450 Jaw line

£300 - Chin

£650 Mini non-surgical face lift - Combining the above treatments, this is for the more pronounced marionette/ nasolabial lines.  This treatment will revolumise, lift, add shape and definition to the face, recreating a youthful look.


We will discuss the different options available, for the look you want to achieve, at your consultation. 

If you have any queries please contact us on 07958 419276



£500 - Includes full treatment of 2 sessions.

Multi award winning Profhilo. The bio-remodeling treatment that improves the texture of the skin by replacing lost collagen. Resulting in healthy, radiant, glowing skin with a subtle lift in all the right places.

Obagi Peels

£70 - (1 peel) Obagi blue radiance peel

£180 - (course of 3) Obagi blue radiance peel

We stock the full range of Obagi Skin care products.  Prices available upon request.

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