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Glow Plan 

We are often asked what is the quickest way to improve your skins appearance.  The quickest way to get that glowing skin is to combine facials with medical skincare products. 

We have made a plan that combines our most popular facials, Envy Medical Infusion Facial with Obagi Blue Radiance Peel as well as £50 credit to use on medical skincare and complimentary Dermalux treatments.   

Who is this plan suitable for?

The best thing about this plan is it is suitable for everyone! 


If you have recently taken an interest in your skin and would like to have a kick start to beautiful skin, this plan is perfect for you. 


Do you have a specific skin condition e.g acne and would like to improve the appearance?  

If you are currently using medical grade products but would like to have regular facials, this is a great way to spread the cost. 


This plan is also perfect for anyone that would like to maintain their skin whilst having the treat of a facial every month, with the added benefit of spreading the cost.   

Many of our patients move onto this plan after having a full face rejuvenation to maintain their appearance.


This plan is suitable for all skin conditions and will aid in improving the appearance for the below:


Dry dehydrated skin 

Ageing skin 

Loose skin 


Enlarged pores

Poor skin texture 

Rosacea (some exclusions may apply)

What is the benefit of regular facials?

The Envy Medical Infusion Facial and the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel compliment each other perfectly.  

The Envy Medical device is a highly advanced, innovative skin resurfacing treatment that simultaneously combines exfoliation, extraction and an infusion of rejuvenating serums for radiant rejuvenated skin. This facial focuses on removing debris and unclogging pores, whilst exfoliating and infusing serums into the deeper layers of skin for the perfect long lasting glow.  This facial also stimulates the lymphatic system so it reduces puffiness.  For more information on this facial please us the button below.  

The Blue Radiance Peel is a light chemical peel that reduces pore size, treats fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin. treats pigmentation and discolouration.  It speeds up the skins regeneration process,  so when combined with the Envy and medical grade skincare you will see the difference quickly.  

Dermalux light therapy treatments are the perfect way to calm the skin, speed up healing and treat redness - have a complimentary treatment with every facial 

Get started

Would you like to spread the costs of your regular facials and medical products?  Sign up for our monthly direct debit plans and have the convenience of spreading the cost over 5 months.  

Whats included?

Begin your glow plan with a complimentary consultation with a full face skin analysis, using our skin scanner to see the deeper layers.  Discuss your skin in detail and track the progress of your plan. 

£50 credit to use on Medical products, you will be advised at your consultation of the best products to help you achieve your goals.  

Have a facial every month, 2 of each are included in this plan and will be alternated each month for maximum results. Have a complimentary Dermalux treatment with each facial, to enhance results. 

2 x Envy Medical Dermal Infusion Facial 

2 x Obagi Blue Radiance Peels

The plan ends with a complimentary skin review including full skin scan to check your progress and create a skin plan going forwards 

How much do I pay? 

Start this direct debit plan with £120 deposit payment, to be paid at time of booking. 

Then Pay £50 per month, for 5 months.  The first direct debit will be taken 4 weeks after the initial deposit payment. 

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