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Botox and Profhilo
Yearly Plan 

My name is Heather and I am the Clinic Manager for  A Little Enhancement.  I was 19 in the photo on the left, and the photo on the right is me at 34.   In my early teens I actually had hormonal acne skin(I don't have much evidence of that stage of my life!), and didn't think having good skin  would ever be a reality for me. Fast forward to my thirties and I am often complimented on my skin and asked by our patients what treatments I have to maintain it.  Read on to find out how I maintain my skin.  

Botox and Profhilo Plan 

I was first introduced to skin care and aesthetics when Astra opened A Little Enhancement 8 years ago.  As you can see from the photo (left) above my skin was dull and dry, and mid way through my twenties I had started to have wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes, my skin was lacking in texture and made me look worn and tired. I decided it was time to invest a little in my skin and so my journey began: 

My preference for skincare is to keep it simple and so the Obagi 360 kit is ideal for me. 

3 steps: 

  • Exfoliating cleanser to wash and gently exfoliate the dead skin cells. 

  • Hydrafactor (SPF and moisturiser in one - perfect for the lazy skincare routine) 

  • Retinol, magic stuff that improves the skin texture and cellular turnover, while you sleep.   

I had started to get static lines in my forehead (lines that are visible when your face is at rest). I began having regular Botox injections (every 4 months) and my lines have now gone.  I prefer to have movement in my forehead so Astra uses minimal doses to keep my appearance natural.  

Profhilo is the glow! It really is like honey for the skin, hailed as injectable skincare, Profhilo stimulates the collagen reproduction and helps tighten, smooth lines and improve skin texture. I have Profhilo at the same time as Botox so it is so convenient for maintenance.  

Botox and Profhilo combined is a quick appointment (45 minutes) every 4 months and is such a good baseline for improving skin of any age.  From my experience we have devised a plan so that you can spread the cost of these treatments, paid by direct debit every month!  See below for how to start your Botox and Profhilo plan.  

Get started

Would you like to spread the costs of your regular Botox and Profhilo Treatments?  Sign up for our monthly direct debit plans and have the convenience of spreading the cost over 12 months.  

Whats included?

Botox and Profhilo Plan

3 x Botox (3 areas) - an appointment every 4 months (£275 per treatment)

3 x Profhilo - an appointment every 4 months (£225 per treatment)

1 x Complimentary Blue Radiance Peel Facial (worth £75)

Botox plan

3 x Botox (3 areas) - an appointment every 4 months (£275 per treatment)


How much do I pay? 

Botox and Profhilo Plan

Start this direct debit plan with zero deposit payment.  

Pay £125 per month, for 12 months 

Botox Plan 

Start this direct debit plan with zero deposit payment.  

Pay £68.75 per month, for 12 months 

When can I have treatments?

Start your direct debit on day one, have your first treatment on month 4, 8 and 12

Please see our terms and conditions for more information 

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