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Patient Testimonial 

Melanie's Story 

At A Little Enhancement we specialise in natural enhancements.  We love how subtle enhancements can have an improvement not only your appearance but the way you feel about yourself.  

Melanie's results were evident in the glow she now radiates, her regained confidence and the happiness in her eyes, doesn't she look amazing?  We're so lucky to be able to be part of our patients journey, Melanie has kindly shared her experience with you.  Read on to hear Melanie's story.

Where I Began 

After a long and painful end of my marriage , I was left emotionally and physically depleted . The stress and anxiety had affected my appearance and had left me with a reflection I didn’t recognise. My sister in law gave me a challenge to do five things I hadn’t tried before that might help me feel more confident and connected to myself again

What I had tried before coming to A Little Enhancement 

I had a good skincare routine but the stress and weight loss had left my skin like a ballon with the air let out . I hadn’t tried any treatments before as I had the feeling it was frivolous and vain , but as I started to look after myself ( inside and out ) it wasn’t vain or frivolous ,  it was confirming I was a priority in my own existence. I had the choice to improve my outward appearance and to work on rebuilding my inner world 

Why I chose A Little Enhancement 

Melanie before and after.JPG

 knew I wanted a nurse practitioner and someone with experience. I had a consultation with Astra and liked how she would rather make you look natural and refreshed than look like you had been done . The clinic was very welcoming and super clean which I found very reassuring. I never felt she would do anything unless she really believed it would make an improvement and look natural. Astra listened and supported me with real kindness and genuine compassion and as I got to know the other girls it became a uplifting experience to come to the clinic too 

How I feel now

The treatments I have had have really helped with the journey back to myself . I look refreshed and well . Nobody has asked if I have had anything done ,they just comment on how much better I look . I can now look in the mirror and see my reflection and recognise myself again and that is priceless 

More Transformations 

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