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Dermaplaning is when we use a sterile scalpel blade to gently remove surface debris, dirt, oil, dead skin cells and vellus hair. Leaving you with smooth, radiant skin.

This is a fantastic stand alone treatment but you can have some amazing results when combined with a facial or aesthetic treatment (including Envy, Obagi Bespoke facials, Dermal Fillers and Botox).


This is a 30 minute facial (£40), to make it a more luxurious facial, when booking please also select an "add on" - Goo Mask with an Indian Head Massage (£35).  Dermaplaning can be added onto any treatment as an add on for £25 (not suitable to be combined with Obagi Blue Radiance Peel).

How to prepare for Dermaplaning 

Please arrive to your appointment wearing no make up. 

For 2 weeks prior to treatment do not use active ingredient skincare  (e.g retinoids, salycilic acids, beta hydroxy acids – please check with your practitioner if you are unsure if you have products containing these ingredients) 

You are unsuitable for the treatment if you have been using acne medication such as Roaccutaine for 6 months prior to the chosen treatment date or you have been using antibiotics for 14 days prior to the treatment date .

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