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Eye Treatments 

Eyes are referred to as the windows to the soul, so its understandable that they are the most requested area to be treated. Lead Nurse Astra has therefore undergone extensive training in this area with the world renowned  Dr. Uche hailed as "the eye guy".  We are now pleased to offer an extensive range of treatments designed to improve the appearance of the eye area, including dark circles, hollows, and skin texture and integrity.  

Tear Trough Filler 

Tear trough is the groove that sits in between the lower eye lid and the cheek. The area appears as a hollow. This hollowness starts to form when there is a loss of volume in this area which is usually as a result of ageing, although it can also be hereditary.  

Dermal filler created specifically for the under eye area is used to fill the hollowness and soften the appearance of the tear trough, smoothing the area and brightening any dark circles.

If required we can also combine this with filler placement on the cheekbone area for added support to the tear trough and improve the overall appearance.  

Unfortunately Tear Trough Filler is not suitable for all patients.  If the under eye area has any oedema (fluid/swelling) or the elasticity of the skin is very compromised (too thin) this treatment may not be suitable ,but we have other options available and this will be discussed at your consultation.  




Polyneucleotide treatment 

Polyneucleotides are a innovative new treatment that uses stem cells to treat the infraorbital eye area.  Polynucleotides are shortened DNA fractions that occur naturally in the body, and when injected are a type of regenerative medicine which works on a cellular level. They work by signalling to particular cells in the body to change their behaviour and generate more of the good things we want in the area eg. fat, volume, collagenhyaluronic acid, and angiogenesis. These things all result in a tighter, brighter, more lifted appearance and it's all achieved naturally without the use of Hyaluronic Acid (used in dermal fillers).  

This all probably sounds really confusing but trust us it is an amazing treatment and we have had fantastic results using it. 


Initially 3 treatments will be required 

£650 for 3 treatments 

To maintain results we advise one treatment every 6-9 months 

£200 follow up treatments 

Cathryn poly .jpg

Intracel Pro - Target area skin Rejuvenation 

Using the Intracel Radiofrequency device, this is a non invasive treatment that can be used on the sensitive areas around the eyes.  The device emits radiofrequency onto the surface of the skin, in turn this forces your body to reproduce and multiply collagen in the treated area.  Resulting in tighter, brighter better textured skin.  This amazing treatment is quick and pain free with little down time.  This treatment helps reduce fine line, wrinkles, dark circles and treats loose skin around the eye area.  


It is recommended to have 3 treatments initially for optimum results.

£195 for 3 sessions 

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