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Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving (Intralipotherapy) is the injection of an Deoxycholic acid into stubborn pockets of fat to remove the fat tissue. Deoxycholic Acid is a man-made substance naturally found in your body that helps to absorb fat.

The acid works by destroying the fat cells in the areas injected in the body. The process involves a series of injections to target the fat cells in whichever area is being treated and also tightens the skin.

The treatment itself is not painful and has minimal downtime in most cases.

We can treat many areas on the face and body such as chin, knees, thighs, flanks, stomach, arms.  Areas that see build up of stubborn fat, for more information please book a consultation to discuss treatment options in more detail. 


Initially 2 treatments are required, some patients may require subsequent treatments to get the desired effect.

£375 For the first 2 treatment 

£100 Additional treatments (within 12 months)

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