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Menopause and dermal fillers

A Little Enhancement dermal filler Devon

Menopause. The wonderful time in a woman’s life where she doesn’t know if she would prefer a full body wax or ice bath. The time in life when she will lose hair on her head and gain hair on her face, run a marathon but still jiggle like jelly whilst doing it. When she can’t remember the last time she looked in the mirror and didn’t see her mother staring straight back.

The average age at which women go through the menopause in the UK is 45-55 years of age. However some women can experience the menopause before they hit 40! So if you are not there yet, it will come for you and maybe sooner than you think.

What can we do to stop the dastardly effects of Mother Nature? Experts advise that early intervention is key, start looking after your skin/body in your 30's and you will reap the rewards later on in life. Oestrogen levels decrease which can cause skin to lose its suppleness and can become dry and sore. Try using a richer more hydrating moisturiser combined with supplements containing omega 3 fish oil, this may help to stop the loss of natural oil from the skin.

Strengthening and toning exercises are good to prevent the dreaded “muffin top”. If you stay in shape throughout your 30's you are more likely to shed the stubborn fat caused by menopausal weight gain later on in life.

But what if you have tried all that and it’s just not worked? I was approached by a client who said her “lips had disappeared as a result of the menopause” She felt as though the thinning of her lips had aged her dramatically. The issues this client was facing is the perfect example of how dermal fillers can offer a solution. Using a small amount of Juvederm dermal lip filler we can plump the lips, smooth lines and replace lost volume, leaving you with a natural look, recreating the look you had before. Personally post- menopausal clients are one of my favourite clients to treat, being able to make a client look and feel youthful is so rewarding.

We also specialise in non-surgical face lifts. We use dermal fillers to create a “scaffolding effect” for the face. Inserting small amounts of filler to the cheeks, chin and jowl area enables us to smooth, plump and slightly lift the skin. Resulting in less lines and wrinkles, giving you a more awake and rejuvenated look.

At a time in your life when you want to rip your husbands head off because he looked at you the wrong way. I want you to be able to look in the mirror and not feel sad for the way you looked before but to embrace your looks and feel fab at fifty even if a little enhancement is needed…

Please contact us for more details 07763 717023, we offer free, no obligation consultations so you can meet the team and chat through your options. We currently have pop-up clinics in Teignmouth, Dawlish and Exmouth.

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